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Standart 15 days


  • Minimum: 10$
  • Maximum: 2500$
  • 1,67 % daily
  • for 15 calendar days
  • Accrual of funds once a day
  • Withdrawal is permitted every day
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PRO 30 days


  • Minimum: 15$
  • Maximum: 2000$
  • 2 % daily
  • for 30 days
  • Accrual of funds every 2 days
  • Withdrawal is permitted every day
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Extra 30 business days


  • Minimum: 50$
  • Maximum: 1500$
  • 4 % daily
  • for 30 business days
  • Accrual of funds every 5 days
  • Withdrawal is permitted every day
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Dear investors,

To your attention given the history of our project, its ideas and goals.


We are brokers who after many investments have received an unprecedented experience in the sphere of investments. Our experience consists in knowledge about how to raise our capital due to growth in shares of companies in which we invest. Realizing the importance of the knowledge we have obtained, we have created online project «Safety Founds» ideas of which are described below.

Idea of the project:

We know that there are many of perspective ideas and projects that are looking for effective and reliable way to raise your initial "start-up", which is very important in the creation of any business. Or, on the contrary, there are numerous already advanced projects which are looking for a way to multiply their capital in many times.And of course, the ordinary investor who wants to increase the balance on his wallet can take advantage of our project. And specifically for such cases, there is our project, the preparation of which took us almost 2 years. Now you can familiarize with our deposit plans, which you can find using the site menu.

Objective of the project:

All grandiose projects, companies, corporations originated with a small group of people who have an idea, but a lot of these ideas had no chance to exist due to financial inability to to realize them. «Safety Founds» exists to prevent such situations and to bring to the world market a lot of new companies and improve human life in many ways.



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